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Science Fiction Pizza is a family owned and operated restaurant in Prince Albert, established in 1987. We are located across from the 7-11 on Branion Drive. We relocated from our original location next to Robins Donuts and Rogers Video in 2002. Our pizza place has maintained the same high quality recipes and ingredients since the beginning.

Science Fiction Pizza has several long term customers who come back for great pizza at great prices. In addition to pizza, we invite you to try our appetizers, salads, and wings. We also have spaghetti, lasagna, and breadsticks. Choose from our original or gourmet recipes. Don’t see a pizza you love on the menu? No problem—choose from our selection of toppings to make your own pizza. We also offer uncooked pizzas for a meal you can prepare at home when you need it.


Prince Albert Saskatchewan • 631 Branion Drive • Across From 7- 11 on 6th Avenue East · 306- 922- 9000